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“Toothy” Cheap Bastard “White label” Cigar Review.

Brand History

The late Shawn Brawmer created Cheap Bastard Cigar Company.  Shawn was the proprietor of Old Towne Smoke Shoppe in Temecula, CA and an all-around great guy.  He got the idea for the brand after customers kept asking him to recommend a good, cheap cigar.  “So you’re a real cheap bastard, eh?” Shawn would ask in his friendly manner, to which the customer would nod in agreement.  It was at this point that Shawn created Cheap Bastard cigars and the idea just took off.  Apparently, the world was eager for a good quality cigar at a ridiculously affordable price.

Today, the Cheap Bastard Cigar Company continues to grow. No longer only in Temecula, word has traveled throughout the region and cheap bastards all over the county have discovered this awesome smoke.  Apparently, they have quite a network!


This cigar has a toothy, smooth wrapper that is firm to the touch.  It has a slightly sweet hay and floral smell on the wrapper.  There are also sweet earthy tones on the pre-light.


 Journey Profile:

1st quarter: Once lit, there was a slight resistance on the draw.  The draw opened up nicely as the cigar burned down.  Light spices began to develop and the cigar started to produce a fairly full aroma right away.  2nd quarter: A very smooth draw produced a lot of dense full flavored smoke with some good creamy tones.  It had a very light body with a rich, slightly nutty flavor.  A razor edge burn held onto a tight gray ash.  3rd quarter: The cigar started developing into a medium body profile with well-rounded texture on the palate.  Hints of spices developed through the nose while good earthy flavors were present in the aroma.  The draw delivered big clouds of dense, creamy smoke.  4th quarter: A super creamy and mild smoke lingered on the palate and remained throughout.  Its smoke became slightly sweet and offered some cedar notes.  Some earthiness and spices in the aroma continued to develop and intensify in richness.  This cigar remained alluring, sweet and earthy.


Final Thoughts:

The Cheap Bastard White Label cigar has good construction that provided for an effortless smoking experience with an even burn and a smooth draw.  Its smoke has an overall creamy texture and a smooth, underlying sweetness.  It is consistent all the way down to the nub and offers solid flavor.  A well made cigar with very little complexity, it has a very rich aroma and is an easy one to enjoy.


Myron Gooch Sr.

Time Smoked: 1 hour 5 minutes.

Cost: $Cheap!

Wrapper: Dominican.

Binder: Dominican.

Filler: Dominican.

Size: 5” x 50.

Rating: 88

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