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News: Montecristo’s Habanos Línea 1935.

Montecristo’s Habanos Línea 1935.

The Montecristo brand is incorporating a new product line into its portfolio: Línea 1935, which takes its name
from the year this legendary brand was founded. This will become the most premium of Montecristo’s Habanos
Línea 1935 is presented in three vitolas, two of which are unprecedented, with an innovative and distinct
presentation and positioned in the full strength flavour territory.

One of the major new developments at this XIX Habanos Festival
is undoubtedly the launch of Línea 1935 under the Montecristo
brand. Three new vitolas are incorporated into the brand’s regular
portfolio; these will become the most premium Habanos offered by
this legendary brand.
Two of the three vitolas are unprecedented in the Habanos
portfolio: Maltés (53 x 153 mm) and Dumas (49 x 130 mm),
while Leyenda (55 x 165 mm) takes the form of the special limited
edition Montecristo 80 Aniversario, launched in 2015 to
commemorate the brand’s 80th Anniversary.
The Habanos in this new line have been made Totalmente a mano
con Tripa Larga – Totally by Hand with Long Filler, after selecting
exquisite wrapper, filler and binder leaves from the finest fields –
vegas – in Vuelta Abajo* (Pinar del Río*), the land with the best
tobacco in the world. Línea 1935 is presented with a full strength
flavour blend for the very first time by the Montecristo brand,
thereby complementing the medium to full strength flavour of the
Línea Clásica and Línea Edmundo and the medium strength
flavour of the Línea Open blend. The natural Carmelite wrapper
used gives the Línea 1935 Habanos a beautiful appearance.
The blend is the result of meticulous work between Habanos, S.A.
and Tabacuba, and has been supervised by the respective Quality
Departments at both organisations. The leaves have been
selected by the most experienced master blenders, and the three
Habanos in Línea 1935 were only approved after various tastings
organised by the Tobacco Research Institute, which includes
tasters that are members of the Comisión Nacional de
Degustación – National Tasting Commission – from the most
prestigious factories in Cuba as well as Cuban tobacco industry
and Habanos, S.A. experts.
Montecristo’s Línea 1935 is presented in a box with a unique
design for the Habanos portfolio, with an elegant Carmelite lacquer
finish and the distinction of presenting all the bevelled edges. The
lid of the box highlights the Línea 1935 seal, inspired by the

design of the brand’s band, which had its beginnings in the special
commemorative edition Montecristo 80 Aniversario.
The Habanos in Línea 1935 also feature an exclusive and
innovative presentation. A tape with the name of the line and the
vitola as well as an innovative base band with the traditional
fleur-de-lis that has distinguished the Montecristo brand since its
founding have been added to the brand’s traditional band.
Montecristo, an international benchmark
Montecristo is the best known and, perhaps, the most appreciated
Habanos brand and is considered by many to be the benchmark
for Habanos flavour. Its name had its origins in the novel The Count
of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas, enormously popular with
cigar rollers at the H. Upmann factory in Havana, where the brand
was founded in 1935.
Montecristo’s historical portfolio, which was initially solely
composed of vitolas 1 to 5, was progressively expanded to include
an offer that covers all of the most demanding smokers’ tastes.
The brand incorporated a new vitola in 2004, Edmundo (52 x 135
mm length), which covered the trend for heavy ring gauges. This
was supplemented two years later with the Petit Edmundo (52 x
110 mm length). Línea Edmundo grew in 2013 with the arrival of a
new vitola, Double Edmundo (50 x 155 mm length). This allowed
all the aromas and flavours of the classic Línea Edmundo blend to
be enjoyed for a smoking time of around one hour.
Línea Montecristo Open was launched in 2009 with four new
vitolas incorporating a milder strength blend than the other
Montecristo vitolas. This has been highly appreciated, both by the
most experienced smokers as well as by those who are new to the
world of Habanos.
The Montecristo Petit No 2 (52 x 120 mm length) was incorporated
into the brand’s portfolio in 2013 under Línea Clásica. This was
designed for enthusiasts of figurados that want to enjoy all the
Montecristo flavour in a shorter time. Montecristo Media Corona
(44 x 90 mm) was presented the following year, offering all the
Montecristo flavour and character in a short smoking time.

2015 was the year of the launch of the special commemorative
edition Montecristo 80 Aniversario (55 x 165 mm), in an exclusive
series of 30,000 boxes with 20 Habanos in each.
That same year, Habanos, S.A. presented its new concept,
Habanos Añejados, (Habanos that have been rolled and then aged
in Cuba for five or more years in their original boxes), and
Montecristo Churchills Añejados (47 x 178 mm) was one of the
two new vitolas launched with the concept.

Brand: Montecristo
Vitola de Salida – Market Name: Leyenda
Vitola de Galera – Factory Name: Maravillas No 2
Dimensions: 55 ring gauge x 165 mm length
Presentation: 20-unit Special Box (SPB)

Brand: Montecristo
Vitola de Salida – Market Name: Leyenda
Vitola de Galera – Factory Name: Maravillas No 2
Dimensions: 55 ring gauge x 165 mm length
Presentation: 20-unit Special Box (SPB)

Brand: Montecristo
Vitola de Salida – Market Name: Dumas
Vitola de Galera – Factory Name: Prominente Corto
Dimensions: 49 ring gauge x 130 mm length
Presentation: 20-unit Special Box (SPB)

* (D.O.P.) Protected Denominations of Origin

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