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The filler, binder and wrapper leaves used in this Gran Reserva Cosecha 2011 have undergone a long and careful
five-year aging process. This is the first Gran Reserva from H. Upmann, and is presented in a unique and exclusive
production of 5,000 numbered cases.

The XIX Habanos Festival is the stage for the presentation of the

first Gran Reserva from the H. Upmann brand in the Sir Winston

(47 x 178 mm) vitola. This is one of the brand’s most special

cigars, very popular with H. Upmann enthusiasts as well as with

Habanos enthusiasts in general; they will now have the opportunity

to enjoy this vitola with additional aging of its leaves, in a limited


This launch inaugurates the Gran Reserva concept for the brand

after having presented its first Reserva with the H. Upmann No 2

vitola in 2014 with carefully selected leaves from the harvest of


In order to prepare this Gran Reserva from H. Upmann, the best

tobacco leaves harvested in 2011 in Vuelta Abajo*, Pinar del Rio*,

Cuba* were selected. All the leaves making up the Habano (filler,

binder and wrapper) have undergone a long and careful five-year

aging process. With this additional aging process, the tobacco

releases tannins which give the tobacco leaves a rounder, sweeter

and more aromatic flavour.

This launch is a unique and exclusive production of 5,000

numbered cases with 20 Habanos in each, presented in the

exquisite packaging that characterises the Gran Reserva, with an

elegant black lacquer finish and the brand and the concept’s seal

printed in gold on the lid.

These Habanos have been made Totalmente a Mano con tripa

larga – Totally by Hand with Long Filler – with leaves specially

selected by master blenders. They have been assessed in joint

tastings organised by the Tobacco Research Institute with over 50

experienced tasters from the most prestigious factories in Cuba

who are members of the Comisión Nacional de Degustación –

National Tasting Commission – together with experts from the

Cuban tobacco industry and Habanos, S.A.

Sir Winston is an icon in the brand’s portfolio and one of the best

known Habanos appreciated by enthusiasts around the world with

the Julieta No 2 vitola. This is a long and pleasant smoking format,

which combines the soft to medium strength flavour of its blend

with the delicate and aromatic character that the aging of its leaves


  1. Upmann is one of the oldest and most prestigious Habanos

brands and was founded back in 1844. Its range, which is

characterised by its soft to medium strength flavour, includes the

Habanos in the well known Línea Magnum, to which the new

Magnum 54 (54 x 120 mm) was incorporated last year, as well as

several small vitolas such as the Coronas Junior (36 x 115 mm)

and Half Corona (44 x 90 mm). Connossieur B (54 x 150 mm) is

also being presented this year, and will be distributed exclusively

through the La Casa del Habano network and Habanos Specialists


The first Reserva launched by Habanos, S.A. was the Cohiba

Selección Reserva Cosecha 1999, presented in 2003. The first

Habanos Gran Reserva was launched six years later, presented in

2009; the vitola chosen for the inauguration of this concept was

the emblematic Siglo VI de Cohiba, Cosecha 2003.

Brand: H. Upmann
Vitola de Salida – Market Name: Sir Winston
Vitola de Galera – Factory Name: Julieta No 2
Dimensions: 47 ring gauge (18.65 mm) x 178 mm length.
Presentation: Special Series (SPB) of 5,000 individually numbered lacquered cases of 20 units each

* (D.O.P.) Protected Denominations of Origin

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