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(DORTMUND, DE) Capitalizing on sales success in the
US, El Artista will attend and exhibit at InterTabac 2017 in
Dortmund Germany in September to establish a firm
foundation for the brand in Europe. InterTabac is the
world’s largest trade show for tobacco products. It is
composed of thousands of exhibitors from dozens of
countries. “I am very excited, this is our first time as an
exhibitor at this show,” says Radhames Rodriguez
President of El Artista Cigars, “Our focus at the show will
be on growing our core line and developing new business
with our distributor”.
El Artista recently contracted with Kleinlagel
Zigarrenfabrik which began distributing El Artista in September 2017. “Our strategy in Europe starts
with a good partner. A group that knows boutique brands and has the experience to grow with us,
which is why we chose Kleinlagel,” says Jonas Santana Marketing Manager for El Artista.
Kleinlagel’s portfolio of brands includes many well-known brands from the US.
“It is satisfying to see the brand in Europe, this is a big step for the company, one that we have been
marching towards for a while now,” stated Kevin Newman PR Manager for El Artista. “El Artista
brands”, Mr. Newman added, “have a classic look and feel to them that makes them perfect for
Europe”. InterTabac runs from September 21-24.


ABOUT EL ARTISTA CIGARS Tabacalera El Artista S.R.L. started operations in Tamboril, Dominican Republic in 1956. Today TEA is one of the nation’s largest producers of premium cigars. TEA produces millions of cigars each year and distributes throughout Europe, Canada, United States, and Asia. Additionally, TEA manages farms in the Caribbean and South America where it grows premium tobacco leaf which it utilizes in its proprietary blends as well as sells to top cigar manufacturers in Nicaragua, Honduras, and Dominican Republic.


SilverLeaf SSilverLeaf Strategies is the Public Relations Agency of Record for El Artista and Tobacco & Cigar
Distribution Corp. SLS performs Brand Management and Public Relations for boutique brands.

FOR SALES INQUIRES: Jonas Santana Tobacco & Cigar Distribution Corp 800.638.0283

FOR MEDIA INQUIRES: Kevin Newman SilverLeaf Strategies 805.557.8833

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