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“Elegant Oasis” Burning Desire Emporium Corona, CA.

Burning Desire Emporium.

What Burning Desire Offers

This elegant oasis with a stylish hardwood floors and soft leather chairs.  Has a well ventilated, enjoyable, and relaxing environment for all cigar smokers.  Fully-stocked walk-in humidor with ample storage space for your own personal locker as well.  Some of the finest cigars around for connoisseurs and aficionados to enjoy.  This is an ideal place to conduct business or catch up during a casual day or night with friends.  So you need a new and existing  come join Burning Desire Emporium and take a load off.



Burning Desire Emporium Corona

2780 Cabot Drive, Suite 125, Corona, CA 92883

Phone: (951) 638-5275


Air Conditioning:  Yes.

Alcohol Beverages: No.

Cigar Prices: $$$

Environment: Indoor.

Membership Required: Yes.

Separate Restrooms: No.

Wi-Fi: Yes.

Recommended: Yes.


Range = $ to $$$$

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