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News: White Hat Cigars Reducing Price on H.R. Signature Line.

White Hat Cigars Reducing Price on H.R. Signature Line.

Effective immediately White Hat Cigars has reduced the price on the H.R. Signature Line of Cigars.

“We are reducing the wholesale price by 35% on 5 of the 6 sizes in the H.R. Signature line.    We are incredibly proud of these cigars and want to get them into more hands.” – Spence Drake

The cigars will continue be manufactured at their factory, La Corona in Estelí, Nicaragua by Don Omar González-Alemán.

The “Signature” line of cigars are the Flagship of White Hat’s portfolio.  The cigars contains tobacco aged up to 8 years and the cigars themselves are aged for a minimum of one year prior to being released to market.  The blend includes fillers from Pennsylvania, Jalapa, and Esteli, a binder from Jalapa, and covered in an exquisite H2000 wrapper from Ecuador.

“Since their release in 2014, I felt these cigars were worth the price tag of ~$20-$35.  When I took over the brand in 2016 I was encouraged to reduce the price by a few people in the industry, but I felt the cigars warranted the prices set by the previous distributor.  This price reduction should get these cigars in a lot more hands and pay dividends with increased consumer interest in some of our other brands and lines.” – Spence Drake

H.R. Signature
Corona 5X42 16 $172.80 $10.80
Hermoso 5.5X48 20 $247.00 $12.35
Belicoso 5.5X52 20 $260.00 $13.00
Toro 6X52 20 $273.00 $13.65
Sublime 6.5X54 20 $286.00 $14.30
“A” 9.25X47 2 $45.50 $22.75



P 305-697-8919 F 1-866-775-9634




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