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News: Henry Clay War Hawk Rebellious Arriving in July 2020.

Henry Clay War Hawk Rebellious Cigars

Following the successful launch of last year’s Henry Clay War Hawk, Altadis is adding a limited-edition offshoot called Henry Clay War Hawk Rebellious that they created with Nicaraguan cigarmaker A.J. Fernandez.

While the 2019 Henry Clay War Hawk was rolled in Honduras with a blend of tobaccos from three different countries, Rebellious will use only Nicaraguan tobacco and is being made by Fernandez in Nicaragua. It’s covered in a Habano-seed wrapper that Altadis says was from a “very rare vintage.”

Rolled in only one size, a 6 inch by 54 ring gauge toro.  The cigar will come in 20-count boxes and carry a suggested retail price of $9.60.

The new Rebellious is a big departure from other Henry Clays, a brand that has historically been known for using Connecticut broadleaf wrapper. When Altadis looked to rejuvenate the Henry Clay brand back in 2015, they joined up with Tatuaje’s Pete Johnson for a collaboration cigar called Henry Clay Tatto.

Henry Clay rose to Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives in the early 1800s, and was known above all, as a staunch U.S. nationalist. Clay believed strongly that military force was the only option left to fight British imperiousness. The term “War Hawk” was coined and now used in political circles to describe one who favors war as an ultimate resolution of a conflict. The Henry Clay “War Hawk” is a dedication to Henry Clay’s lasting influence. The War Hawk cigar is aptly named, as it is a bit rebellious in going against its own tradition by not using a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper – as do most other Henry Clay brands. The “Hawkish” cigar is a complex blend, boasting unique flavors, with plenty of spice.

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