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Brand History:

Punch is set to launch a full-time, wallet and palate-pleasing line called “Knuckle Buster.” The three-cigar collection will begin shipping to retailers in March.

Named for a phrase made famous by a university basketball coach who described a rough and tumble physical game as a “Blue Collar Knuckle Buster,” the Punch Knuckle Buster was created to deliver a hardworking blend for hard working people.

Ed Lahmann, senior brand manager for Punch said, “Punch is committed to staying true to what the brand has represented over the last six decades: a consistent, well-made, no-nonsense cigar at a price that’s fair and reasonable. Punch Knuckle Buster honors this commitment with a solid, enticing blend for the people who work hard to enjoy the good life.”

Punch’s blending team at the HATSA cigar factory set out to make a medium-bodied cigar that would appeal to both new and seasoned smokers. They selected only Habano-seed tobaccos from Nicaragua and Honduras to deliver when it comes to balancing flavor and strength with complexity. Knuckle Buster has a Nicaraguan Habano wrapper, a Nicaraguan Habano binder and its filler tobaccos are from Nicaragua and Honduras.

Lahmann continued, “Our hope is that Punch Knuckle Buster becomes a ‘go to’ blend that cigar smokers can rely on time and time again, without having to think twice when they hit the cash register or click on their carts. We want it to be the perfect smoke for walking the dog or mowing the lawn or enjoying with cigar smoking friends. Because after all, a cigar is not about money or status or boutique cigar makers. It’s about removing those barriers and enjoying a moment of well-earned relaxation.”

Punch cigars are handcrafted at General Cigar’s HATSA factory in Danli, Honduras.

Appearance :
The Knuckle Buster has a dark and oily, silky smooth aromatic wrapper. A very subtle pre-light smell.

Journey Profile:

1st Third
There’s a slight resistance on an overall smooth draw. Very smooth delivering dense clouds of full flavored smoke. An instant creamy texture to the smoke. Big flavor and body instantly delivering right from the very first draw of cedar and full flavored tobacco.

2nd Third:
White peppery notes through the nose, and also lingering not the finish. Full flavored smoke kicked in matching along with some spices on the placate and even more through the nose. While the Knuckle Buster really opened up more rich flavors and tones in the aroma. A creamy texture on the palate and some nuttiness developed.

Final 3rd:
Plenty of full earthy flavors. Spice on the palate and even more through the nose. Full luring and very flavorful aroma remained consistent throughout the cigar. Very hearty earthy tobacco notes with a sweet undertone.

Final Thoughts:
While I was hoping for much more out of the Knuckle Buster coming from Punch cigars was looking for a punch. This was far from past Punch cigars as far as complexity of characteristic. Although there was good spice aromas through the nose and creaminess. An underlying sweetness came and never intensified. Good construction with plenty of aromatic clouds of smoke. Medium-strength and medium flavor easy to smoke cigar delivering full flavor.

Myron Gooch Sr.

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano.
Binder: Nicaraguan Habano.
Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua.

Size: 6” x 50.
Rating: 88.

About General Cigar Company

General Cigar Co. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of handcrafted cigars for the premium market in the US. The company is owned by Scandinavian Tobacco Group.

Committed to delivering cigars of the finest quality, General Cigar’s skilled artisans produce Macanudo®, Cohiba®, La Gloria Cubana®, Partagas®, CAO®, Punch®, Hoyo de Monterrey®, Excalibur® and several other leading premium brands in the company’s Dominican, Honduran and Nicaraguan factories. In addition, the company cultivates proprietary tobacco which is used exclusively in its blends and has a dedicated R&D practice that develops new varieties of tobacco and revitalizes vintage seeds. Based in Richmond, VA, General Cigar sells through wholesalers and retailers in the US. General Cigar also operates Club Macanudo®, a cigar bar in New York City.

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