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News: Stop California from Banning Premium Cigars

Stop California from Banning Premium Cigars.


The California Assembly Health Committee recently passed S 793 out their committee, which bans flavored tobacco products among other things. The assembly and author of the bill recognized the distinctiveness of premium cigars and even offered an exemption amendment. However the bill is heading to another committee for further consideration and we need you to contact the California Assembly Committee today to change the amendment language to let them know that a price point definition doesn’t work for premium cigars.

Currently S 793 exempts premium cigars from the bill, but sets a $12 wholesale price point in the definition. This would result in a de facto ban of most premium cigars.

The $12 price point in defining premium cigars has been universally rejected by the industry for many years as an economic quantifier that does not define a premium cigar. PCA believes that it is essential to remove the $12 economic quantifier from S 793 to prevent the unintended consequences of banning nearly all premium cigar products and forcing California small businesses to close, which this action would cause.

Contact the Assembly Now!

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