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Top 20-16 Cigars Countdown of 2020!

Cigar Number 20  !

Alec Bradley Connecticut Cigar.

Wrapper: Connecticut

Binder: Honduran

Filler: Nicaraguan, Honduran

Vitola (Size): 6″ x 50

    Appearance: A dark chocolate brown wrapper with a pleasant pre-light smell of earthy notes.  Noticeable oils and a great looking pigtail cap.

Final Thoughts:

The second third and final thirds quite similar to the end. With the different flavors of some spice, leather and oak all played together very well.  Enjoyed how these flavors continued to linger complementing the sweetness along the journey.  Nicely balanced on the palate and smooth spices through the nose very good construction.  Somewhat complex with a good burn that held a long ash.  Overall very well made with great construction with a long flavorful finish…

Final Grade 89!

Top 20-16 Cigars Countdown of 2020!!

Cigars Number 19!

Rocky Patel “Olde World Reserve Corojo Cigar”.

 Wrapper: Honduran Corojo

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Vitola (Size): 5 1/2″ x 54

    Appearance: What a great looking cigar a nice dark and veiny wrapper with noticeable tooth and oils. A very light pre-light smell of some woody and some hints of sweetness at the foot.

Final Thoughts:

Overall medium bodied with a lot of flavor and great aroma. Some sweet notes developed with a long and full flavor finish. A very good construction and really wish the burn was the same just a little too many touch ups for me. With that being said it still maintained a solid profile from start to finish. The Corojo was an steady cigar that had good flavors and balance.

Final Grade 89!

Top 20-16 Cigars Countdown of 2020!!

Cigars Number 18!

Island Jim No. 2  Cigar by Oscar Valladares.

 Wrapper: Nicaragua

Binder: Honduras.

Filler: Honduras.

Vitola (Size): 6 1/2” x 52

    Appearance: A smooth and marbleized wrapper with a crisp pre-light aroma at the foot. Solid as to the touch with the new band a picture of Island Jim himself and extra unwrapped tobacco at the foot. The feel reminds me of the Leaf by Oscar

Final Thoughts:

An underlying sweetness on the finish. Developed into a full-flavored, well-balanced cigar. Very good construction with thick clouds of smoke with a flaky looking gray ash. Medium-full bodied whole way through with a nice complexity to the flavors.

Final Grade 90!

Top 20-16 Cigars Countdown of 2020!!

Cigars Number 17!

Tatuaje WCD 127 Limited Edition

 Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano

Binder: Nicaraguan Habano

Filler: Honduras, Nicaraguan

Vitola (Size): 6” x 50

    Appearance: Wrapped in a Ecuadorian Habano wrapper a very great looking color. There’s an oily and leathery look to it. Solid to the touch and a sweet and rich hay like smells with hints of floral notes. A smooth draw which continued through to the burn producing a long and dense ash..

 Final Thoughts:

I must say I didn’t have the opportunity to smoke the Tatuaje WCD 127 when it came out and I am very glad I grabbed it. The WCD 127 Tatuaje Limited Edition is a retail exclusive cigar provided by Tatuaje Cigars to Civil Cigar Lounge in Washington DC. It was a spicy cigar with some complex character. Flavors and aroma continued to develop into a medium strength and an almost medium to full body. An very well made and good value. A effortless smoking experience to the end.

Final Grade 90!

Top 20-16 Cigars Countdown of 2020!!

Cigars Number 16!

CAO FLATHEAD V19 Cigar Review.

 Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf.

Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf.

Filler:Dominican Republic & Nicaragua.

Vitola (Size): 51/2” x 50

    Appearance:  What an attractive cigar with an dark hardy looking oily wrapper with noticeable tooth. There’s also clean, well-fermented tobacco and a sweet earthy pre-light smell.

 Final Thoughts:

Very smooth with some marbleized look.  Nice draw but overall smoked very good, providing a lot of earthy, rich-tobacco flavors and aroma.  A nice medium bodied and nicely balanced on the palate.  Good complexity and consistent medium bodied with medium flavors.

Final Grade 90!

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