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Your key to smarter cigar trading.

The top performing Cuban cigar saw a 199.25% value increase.

For immediate release, 15 January, 2021 – Online Cuban cigar auction platform  releases the first instalment of the quarterly Bond Roberts 25 Index (BR25).

The Bond Roberts 25 cigar index is the first metric of its kind which measures the auction performance of 25 regular production Cuban cigars over a five-year period. The BR25 Index is a market-leading concept which, for the first time, makes it possible to accurately evaluate Cuban cigar stock and inform future purchases.


  • The Cohiba Behike 54 is the top performer with a 199.25% value increase.
  • The Por Larrañaga Montecarlo is the second top performer with a 181.16% value increase.
  • The La Glora Cubana Medallie d’Or No. 4 is the third top performer with a 178.17% value increase.
  • The top five cigars have a minimum 100% value increase.



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