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Top 5-1 Cigars Countdown of 2020!

Cigar Number 5  !

La Mandarria by Casa Cuevas Cigars.

Wrapper: Ecuadorean Habano

Binder:  Nicaragua

Filler: Dominican and Nicaragua

Vitola (Size): 6 ” x 52

    Appearance: An attractive looking cigar that had a nice oily sheen and a chocolaty-brown sweet smelling wrapper.  A clean pre-light taste with some cedar and sweet hay-like notes.

Final Thoughts:

Was full in flavor with a medium body.  Produced a long nice ash that had  was an great looking salt and pepper look.  A nice balance between flavor and body strengths.  Not overwhelming to the palate one way or another.  It had a very pleasant aroma and an overall unique character.  A great cigar any time of the day to enjoy!

Final Grade 92!

Top 5-1 Cigars Countdown of 2020!!

Cigars Number 4!

Macanudo Heritage Nuevo Cigar.

 Wrapper: Ecuadoran Connecticut Shade

Binder: Mexico.

Filler: Dominican Republic/Mexico/Nicaragua

Vitola (Size):  5” x 50

    Appearance: Yes I couldn’t agree more a lustrous golden wrapper with an interesting pre-light on the foot reminding me of cinnamon toast and cedar notes.

Final Thoughts:

Some notes similar to coffee with an herbal-earthiness on the palate.  A very gradual build in body medium-full with a long and spicy finish.  Lot of spice and earthy notes all the way through.  Some complexity to the smoke with a full aroma.  Extremely well made, effortless to smoke a smooth and elegant cigar.  Well balanced.

Final Grade 92!

Top 5-1 Cigars Countdown of 2020!!

Cigars Number 3!

Villiger Cuellar Black Forest Cigar.

 Wrapper: Mexican San Andres Maduro

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican Republic

Vitola (Size): 6” x 54

    Appearance: There’s a very attractive dark and noticeably oily box-pressed wrapper.  It has a clean pre-light smell of cocoa, cedar and earthiness.  There’s also a sweet richness smell on the body with light notes of tea.

Final Thoughts:

The cigar started off with a big flavorful character and a creamy texture that intensified with the body as the cigar was smoked down.  Full flavored and medium body with an excellent construction with a mostly even burn and an incredibly smooth character.  An overall bombshell of flavor very well made and rich tobacco flavors down to the nub.

Final Grade 92!

Top 5-1 Cigars Countdown of 2020!!

Cigars Number 2!

Trinidad Media Luna Cigars.

 Wrapper: Cuba

Binder: Cuba

Filler: Cuba

Vitola (Size): 41/2” x 50

    Appearance: The very first thing you notice looking at the Medina is the beautiful pigtail. It’s something about a pigtail call me crazy lol. Taking a good look at the wrapper it’s a attractive evenly colored wrapper. The pre-light has an aroma of finnish bread a mildly sweet earthyness. A floral like notes.

 Final Thoughts:

The texture was light on the palate with a medium bodied start that gained momentum down through the duration of the smoke, finishing medium to full flavor overall. Consistent sweet notes in the aroma but the peppery spices were a underlying characteristic. Even with a good amount of age this cigar still had a full personality and complexity in the developing flavors and wonderful aroma. It developed and smoothed out as it was smoked becoming more balcanced in texture and flavor. An excellent cigar that had a lot of flavor and could easily spend more time in the again room.

Final Grade 93!

Top 5-1 Cigars Countdown of 2020!!

Cigars Number 1!

Davidoff 50th Aniversario Special “R” Cigar.

 Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican Republic

Vitola (Size): 5” x 50

    Appearance: Covered in a silky smooth evenly gold brown wrapper.  Seamless with a pre-light smell of light hay-like notes and a slightly sweetness of a graham cracker like notes.

 Final Thoughts:

The Flavor was rich with a lot of earthy, peppery spices and hints of roasted nuts.  Big character as it was smoked full flavored, medium bodied finish that left a lasting impression.  This Aniversario definitely offered a lot of delicate flavored yet had some complexity and finesse.  Outstanding construction and burn with great flavors.  Nice balance with an even burn with a long and dense dark gray ash.  A mild cigar that offers a lot of flavor and balance.

Final Grade 95!

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