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In the great Italian sandwich debate, what you call it depends on where you’re from. It’s either a “sub,” a “hoagie,” or, if you lived in Brooklyn back in the day, you called it a “hero.” Either way, the bread’s soft inside and drizzled with the vinegar, oil and oregano mix, and there’s heaps of provolone, salami and lettuce. To be legit, it’s gotta have capicola. Or Gabagool as the cool kids call it.

Where are we going with this?

Gabagool is the name of Diesel’s latest Sunday Gravy offering.

Diesel Sunday Gravy Gabagool box

In a nod to the line’s culinary inspirations, Diesel Sunday Gravy “Gabagool” is named after the smoky, dry-cured ham that’s heavily seasoned and deeply flavorful.

Blended by AJ Fernandez and Justin Andrews and handcrafted at Tabacalera AJ Fernandez in Esteli, Nicaragua, Diesel Sunday Gravy Gabaool is crafted with an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, a Connecticut Broadleaf binder and a Nicaraguan Esteli filler. The experience is firmly medium-bodied and profoundly complex, with notes of pepper, wood and a touch of spice.

Justin Andrews said, “When AJ and I blended Gabagool, we wanted to change things up a bit. We intentionally stayed away from power on this cigar and instead delivered on the palate. This blend is an experience. There’s a lot of complexity with Gabagool…you get many different notes when you smoke this blend. We’re really happy with the way this cigar smokes, and expect it to sell out fast.”

Gabagool is being released in a lonsdale size only, and boxes will contain 10 cigars. As with other Diesel Sunday Gravy releases, Gabagool is being offered at an SRP of just under $5.00 per cigar, making it an affordable indulgence for almost any smoking occasion.

Diesel Sunday Gravy Gabagool (5.25” x 45); SRP per cigar $4.99

Diesel Sunday Gravy Gabagool cigar

Diesel Sunday Gravy Gabagool will ship to retail on April 1, 2022 and be available through the end of May 2022, or until the cigars are sold out.

Diesel cigars are produced by Scandinavian Tobacco Group and distributed by Forged Cigar Company.

About Diesel Sunday Gravy

Diesel Sunday Gravy launched in August 2021 as a full-time line of seasonally-released, Nicaraguan-forward smokes, blended and handcrafted through Diesel’s winning partnership of AJ Fernandez and Justin Andrews. Blends will be released quarterly, sold until their limited supply is depleted and offered at an unbelievable SRP of less than $5.00 per cigar.

About Diesel

Handcrafted by artisans in Esteli, Nicaragua, Diesel cigars are “bold by design.” The brand challenges the current conventions of the handmade cigar category through the bold, unapologetic style of its Cigar Master, AJ Fernandez. Diesel cigars are unified by their deeply complex flavor which is achieved through AJ’s steadfast adherence to time honored cigar making techniques and his insistence on using the highest quality tobacco. The Diesel portfolio includes Hair of the Dog which was released in 2019; Whiskey Row which launched two expressions, one in 2019 and one in 2018, and Diesel Grind which debuted in 2017. For more information, visit

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