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News: PCA22 EXCLUSIVES: Asylum & Eiroa PCA22 Exclusives.

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PCA22 EXCLUSIVES: Asylum & Eiroa PCA22 Exclusives.

Only Available at the PCA22 Trade Show

Haven’t you heard? CLE Cigars is bringing not 1 but 2 exclusives to the PCA22 Trade Show!

Asylum PCA 2022 Exclusive

EIROA PCA 2022 Exclusive

Both of these cigars will come packaged in boxes of 20 cigars with three different sizes: 50×5, “11/18” and 60×6. These cigars will be made at the CLE Cigar Factory in Danli, Honduras.

The EIROA branded PCA exclusive will feature a Cameroon wrapper that is grown at the family farm in Jamastran, Honduras, otherwise known as “Cameroon de Jamastran”.

These cigars will be available on a first-come, first-served basis ONLY at the PCA22 Convention & Trade Show and will not be available for purchase anywhere else.

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