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FLVR to hit all channels in October.



FLVR will shake up the cigar world this month with a collection of premium, handmade smokes that deliver intriguing flavors at an affordable price. The five-frontmark, flavored cigar line will be distributed by STG’s Forged Cigar Company and will be available in all channels of retail starting in early October.

Ed Lahmann, senior brand manager for FLVR said, “FLVR delivers an ‘intergalactic,’ out-of-this-world smoking experience. Built on a bedrock of premium, handrolled tobaccos, FLVR layers in jaw-dropping flavor combinations that will make even the most jaded smoker rethink the flavored cigar category. What’s more is that FLVR hits the sweet spot of the smoker’s budget, offering a premium, flavored smoking experience in a price segment that’s been relatively untapped in the market until now.”

FLVR frontmark names are as unconventional as the sensory experiences the cigars conjure up. “Space Ranger” combines chocolate and mint flavors with a hint of cherry for an ode to an ice cream sundae. “Fist Bump” is reminiscent of frosted birthday cake, while “Ski Chalet” is a caramel-flavored bomb with hints of cinnamon spice that give a nod to fall. “Yacht Rock” is a booze-inspired smoke with notes of rum, simple sugar and cola. “Unicorn Tears” blissfully evokes cookie dough and brown sugar.

Each FLVR expression will be available exclusively in a Corona size and will be packed in 25-count boxes.  The line will be a full-time addition to the Forged Cigar Company portfolio of brands.


FLVR SPACE RANGER CORONA (5” x 42) —  SRP per cigar $4.49

 FLVR_Space Ranger_cigar

FLVR FIST BUMP CORONA (5” x 42) —  SRP per cigar $4.49

FLVR_Fist Bump_cigar

FLVR SKI CHALET CORONA (5” x 42) —  SRP per cigar $4.49

 FLVR_Ski Chalet_cigar

FLVR YACHT ROCK CORONA (5” x 42) —  SRP per cigar $4.49

FLVR_Yacht Rock_cigar 

FLVR UNICORN TEARS CORONA (5” x 42) —  SRP per cigar $4.49

FLVR_Unicorn Tears_cigar











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