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No. 6 Best Cigar Pick of 2014 “Padilla Vintage Reserve Robusto”


The Padilla Vintage Reserve series of cigar is a small-run box pressed special edition release by Padilla.  The Vintage Reserve has a very good looking reddish wrapper which is medium-dark brown in color with a broadleaf from Pennsylvania, a very rare leaf aged over 30 months.


It is hand rolled at the Tabacalera Oliva factory where they have created a great partnership with Padilla to make some great cigars.  Padilla has also taken the extra steps with their special blend to number each cigar and box.  These cigars are a limited production of 500 boxes with great detail from start to finish.


It had a very unique and light smell of earth tones, especially at the foot. With an incredibly smooth draw and no resistance, it delivered a full flavored smoke right away.  The texture is earthy and creamy – really mouth-watering with rich flavors that hit the palate.  The aroma remained robust with just a touch of sweetness and the intensity continued to develop as the cigar burned.  Overall, the construction of the cigar was excellent, burning with a long white ash.


Overall, this cigar had full and rich characteristics with spices and flavors that consistently developed as the cigar was smoked.  What I enjoyed most is that while the flavors were complex, it was not overwhelming.  It was well made and effortless to enjoy – this cigar will have a true connoisseur wanting more.

Myron Gooch Sr.

Wrapper: Pennsylvania Broadleaf

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Size: 5 x 54

Flavor: Medium / Full Body

Strength: Medium

Rating: 93

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