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Bill Bromley Butter Cigar Review.


Brand History

Bill Bromley Cigars are hand tailored to meet any Aficionados expectations of quality construction and craftsmanship.  They hand select all our tobaccos and meticulously classify them to meet their expectations of quality fillers, binders and wrappers. Bromley’s quality control is of the utmost priority and they touch every cigar to ensure its quality before it reaches the consumers’ hands.  These cigars are time pieces that exemplify only the best tobaccos of the year and showcase boutique quality craftsmanship. The company oversees all aspects of the construction of these fine Bill Bromley Cigars!

 Bill Bromley Cigars use a variety of high quality tobaccos from all regions of the world and craft them in Danli, Honduras.  Only the best long leaf fillers are used to ensure a straight burn and that beautiful long ash that we all love.  They offer a variety of blends covering the palettes of most (from ultra mild and flavorful or full bodied and incredibly complex).

 Bill Bromley Cigars’ mission is to produce a high quality staple line while releasing small batches of highly creative, incredibly flavorful and intensely thoughtful cigars.  They try to use their extensive retail knowledge to intrigue their customers with wonderfully named cigars that meet the flavor profiles that they find are fulfilled elsewhere in the marketplace. Making cigars fun, socially friendly and educational is ultimately what they have set out to do.


Its creamy brown wrapper was silky to the touch and nearly seamless, with a slightly sweet and mild but great pre-light aroma.


 Journey Profile:

1st quarter:  A very smooth draw delivered big clouds of dense, creamy smoke.  There was some spice that developed through the nose.  A slight sweetness hit the palate right away with big creamy clouds of smoke.  2nd quarter:  An effortless draw allowed light bodied smoke through with both sweet tones and creamy notes.  It had very well balanced flavors with a unique, creamy sweetness that worked well together.  3rd quarter:  There was some noticeable bitterness on the palate but the smoke maintained a creamy texture.  You will find some woody notes and flavors that will linger on your palette.  4th quarter:  This cigar’s outstanding construction was evident with its near flawless burn that held onto a long and dark gray ash.  There was a mouthwatering texture to the smoke with a long, flavorful and tangy finish.


Final Thoughts:

Bill Bromley Cigars packed a lot of flavor along with a big aroma.  Although it is a medium body, it definitely has full flavored characteristics that were balanced and consistent from start to finish.  This is a very well made boutique cigar that was both pleasant and easy to smoke.


Myron Gooch Sr.

Reviewed at: Man Cave cigar lounge.

Time Smoked: 2 hour 0 minutes.

Cost: $12.50

 Wrapper: Sumatra Claro.

Binder: Ecuadorian.

Filler: Nicaraguan, Honduran, Panamanian.

Size: 6” x 50.

Rating: 89

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