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Caldwell Cigar Event “Cigar Warehouse Sherman Oaks, CA”

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The Cigar Warehouse is newly renovated with Wi-Fi, flat screen TV’s and plenty of room to enjoy a fine cigar. The new humidor is nice – light effects cigars, much like it does with wine or tapestries. The only reason I don’t worry as much is because they have a large turnover of supplies because of the # of regulars.

They offer an unmatched selection of fine cigars. Choose from our endless selection of different brands and varieties of cigars, including Caldwell Cigars, Padron, and Tatuaje to name a few.

Cigar Warehouse is dedicated to offering the very best in all price ranges. The size of our selection is a testament to our tireless efforts to locate the best in premium cigars. No cigar brand makes our shelves without being personally tested to ensure it lives up to the exacting standards our customers have come to expect regardless of their budget.

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Cigar Warehouse
15141 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

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