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Garo Edicion Limitada (2010) Cigars “Savor Each Moment”


Brand History:

As a licensed Chiropractor, Dr. Garo Bouldoukian had a love for cigar smoking. In 1995, he decided to take his passion to the next level by creating unique blends for others to enjoy. He envisioned a cigar for people who wanted to savor each moment of their smoke.

This idea led to the boutique brand, Garo Habano Fine Cigars. The eclectic range of blends were well received and gained a grand following domestically and internationally.

Now in a factory of their own with their individual space, the company has transformed to the new Garo Cigars. This change encompasses a new home, new blends, and a new look.

Garo Cigars embodies an obsessive care for detail to truly fulfill the promise of delivering the finest, most consistently excellent cigars in the marketplace.

Their goal, as it always has been, is to help you feel the passion and savor each moment with the cigars they produce.


The cigar has a nice oily brown wrapper with a silky smooth touch. A very unique aroma escapes on the pre-light of fruit and spice at the foot.


Journey Profile:

1st quarter: Straight forward the cigar delivered a plenty big aroma that filled the air with an extremely rich tobacco note, woody and earth tones. A wonderful smooth draw with the slightest resistance produced full flavored smoke right away.   2nd quarter: There was a creamy texture with little spice that lingered on. There were also small amounts of spice coming through the nose with a clean texture on the palate.   3rd quarter: Consistent sweet undertones on the palate with some woodiness were later produced as the cigar smoked down. A great balance of flavor, body with a medium all around character.   4th quarter: Exceptionally rich character that stayed simple; yet not overpowering. Good construction with a slow and even burn that gave a long and dense gray ash. Immersed with a rich earthy tone, it provided an immense aroma awakening the senses.


Final Thoughts:

Medium-full flavor with a rich body and very aromatic and luring aroma. Overall an extremely well made complex cigar that produced great flavor and balance. Flavorsome and unproblematic created a pleasurable experience.


Myron Gooch Sr.

Reviewed at: Don Lupe Cigar Lounge Long Beach, CA.

Time Smoked: 1 hour 35 minutes.

Cost: $12.00

Wrapper: Ecuador HBA.

Binder: Olor Dominican.

Filler: Special Blend.

Size: 5”x56

Rating: 90

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