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Epifania by El Primer Mundo Cigars

Brand History:

El Primer Mundo Cigars strives to be a testament to the pride, commitment, and heritage of the people that bring us the fine premium cigars that we all enjoy.  Nations typically classified as under-developed and/or third world countries are the true heart and soul of tobacco, growing some the finest in the world.  Without question, they are “The First World” for tobacco, thus the name ‘El Primer Mundo’.  If you are ever able to see the tobacco fields, curing barns and factories in these countries, you cannot escape the pride and care that goes into producing a fine hand rolled cigar.  It is truly humbling.

Started purely as a passion project by founder and President Sean Williams in 2006, El Primer Mundo Cigars has become one of the premium cigar market’s classic small-batch boutique brands.  With lauded lines such as La Hermandad, Epifania, Liga Miami, and EPM Black Label, El Primer Mundo has consistently garnered strong ratings and reviews, ranking amongst the top cigars on the market.  EPM’s lines of cigars are sold to brick & mortar retailers throughout the country.

Biography of founder Sean Williams:


Sean Williams was nothing more than a cigar enthusiast when he decided to put the company together. Before he fell into the cigar business, he had previously worked in pharmaceuticals, real estate, and home construction. He had to learn first-hand everything about the cultivation of tobacco and the creation of the smokes themselves. The most difficult part of the process was figuring out just how many different strains of tobacco were out there, and how they tasted and felt when smoked. After a brief stay in Nicaragua to bring himself up to speed, he created El Primer Mundo in 2006. The company produces sticks in small batches and embraces its status as a boutique smoke catering to those looking for a quality experience that does not taste or feel mass produced.


The Epifania has a gorgeously marbleized wrapper.  It is extremely smooth with minimal veins from the cap to the foot.  You will find an exciting pre-light smell of earth and a hay-like aroma.  While firm to the touch, it has a slight oily sheen with a clean, modern look and feel.


Journey Profile:

1st qtr: The flavor profile started with a small amount of peppery notes with hay and earthiness.  It provided a very rich aroma with an almost an inch and a half white ash holding on.  2nd qtr: It continued with the same rich, earthy notes and characters and they remained present throughout.  3rd qtr: In the forefront, there were woodsy tobacco flavors with more easy spiciness and some creamy tones.  You will find a very nice and even burn with no maintenance needed.  4nd qtr: I was completely impressed by the ash that had now grown to over two and a half inches without any indication of falling off.  There were more rich full flavors with excellent complexity and they bloomed into an almost full body that remained consistent to the finish.


Final Thoughts:

The Epifania aroma was outstanding and the cigar had excellent construction.  It is a medium body that nearly gets to full and provides a great texture throughout.  It was very well balanced and produced amazing rich characters that shifted smoothly and were easily enjoyable.  Overall, Epifania is a truly pleasant cigar to smoke with a smooth body, rich quality and a great finish.



Myron Gooch Sr.

Reviewed at: 2nd Street Cigars & Gallery Los Angeles, CA

Time Smoked:  1hour 50minutes.

Cost: Sample

Wrapper: Ecuadorian

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan / Dominican

Size: 6” x 52

Rating: 90

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